For rose

She told me that she loved me,
but only in subtle tones
Knowing that the water in which we've been swimming
is shallow and chaotic
And we know that finding depth in the distance
is still our destination
Besides, she tells me right now
that she is a wave of emotions
rippling under feet
unaccustomed to being cautiously steady.


So I told her that I thought her to be lucky
How I have always loved the Ocean
Nor have I seldom feared the deep
Nor have I ever been known
To lack the Patience it requires to get there
And though the abyss might swallow some whole
It beckons my name in longing


And I tell her that swimming in my water
Might Feel a lot like baptism
A Washing away the impurities of fear
In the way we scorpios know to Love;
Selfish and reckless
With no boundaries we can set
to limit that which we can explore
It is no surprise then
We might find ourselves
Drowning in the pool of infinite possibility.


So She tells me that instead she likes the rain
Especially in the spring time
when it is warm and we least expect it
When the water washes the skies
Till the clouds fall into graves
eager to be resurrected
She tells me of how she loves their reflections
Beginning to emerge as Flowers
In soil that sprouts
Forth life
Her eyes fixated on the earth
Till its colors notify of how
They have been awakened.


And I tell her that we can never hold raindrops in our hands
But still let them wash us clean.
Till they tell us their stories of redemption
Like how we learn to become beautiful goodbyes
evaporating upon impact
Or how letting go of jealousy
releases our fears
into Mathematic equations lost in the storms
that reveal to us
how Love never divides through the depths
How it only multiplies in our becoming
And how numbers
much like love,
and water
and flowers
and lovers
Can be something more than we ever believed it to be
Something more like infinite