Full Length Performance Poetry Feature
Jade Phoenix is an engaging and emerging storyteller and performance poet who holds their identities close to their art and tattoos their vulnerability on their sleeve, as a fierce Trans*Femme, they give themselves to their lived experience and empowered truth as an offering to their transcestors whose resistance has literally paved the way forward, and a gift to their audience as a vision for a collective liberated future.

Workshop/Panel Facilitation
Jade Phoenix offers educational workshops centered around how to support and uplift Trans and Gender Non-Conforming folx (Specifically Trans Womn/Femmes of Color) within their own communities. They also offer a panel facilitation for trans folks within your community/organization as a means of connecting them to resources, and educating allies and community on practical ways to show up in solidarity with their trans* and gender non-conforming friends/family. 

Dual Poetry Feature/Workshop Event

Combine both elements for a more rich in depth transformative community experience.

*SEE Contact and Booking Page for Prices and Estimates based on your needs, services and available resources.